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About Ajai Singh
31st August 2020 By TCM Education

To quote a Japanese Proverb, “​Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”.

And when you combine days of diligent studies with a great teacher, success doesn’t seem to be a dream anymore. The proverb perfectly describes the qualities of Mr. Ajai Singh, who along with starting TCM, an initiative which caters to the educational as well as overall development of students is an inspirational teacher. With an experience of teaching lakhs of students since more than 15 years, he has an interactive and step-wise approach as a Mathematics professor, where he believes in starting with making the basics stronger for preparing students to take up any form of questions.

His motto is to prepare each and every student who joins for the real world than just being machines for mugging up bookish content. Hence, he lays focus of on every student, works with them in their weaker sections, and clarifies their doubts, being open to answer any number of queries, patiently. A true teacher is one who not only does his duties but takes pride in being a motivator of our future generations. This definitely holds true for him, being a constant pillar of support and guidance for career counseling, admission processes and strategy development till the very end of the session.